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WikiLeaks' Assange vs NYT's Keller: Role of US Press?
WikiLeaks' Assange vs NYT's Keller: Role of US Press?Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism - Berdahl AuditoriumPanel: WikiLeaks: The FalloutIntro to the Shield Law vs. WikileaksUnplug WikiLeaks? Enact a Federal Shield Law Instead -- Commentary by Peter ScheerNewswar Articles on Leaks -- History of LeaksIn "Dick Cheney's Memos from 30 Years Ago," Frontline Correspondent Lowell Bergman and Associate Producer Marlena Telvick report on government reaction to alleged leaks in a story detailing U.S. spy submarine missions in Soviet waters written by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.The 11 QuestionsIn "The 11 Questions," this justice department document outlines the questions considered when determining weather a leak investigation should be opened or not. The document was obtained by Frontline through the Freedom of Information Act request.The Press and SubpoenasIn "The Press and Subpoenas: An Overview" Producer Marlena Telvick and Associate Producer Amy Rubin discuss the history behind subpoenas, why reporters are subpoenaed, and the guidelines used by the Justice Department on issuing media subpoenas.WikiLeaks, Twitter and Free SpeechThis article featured in the Washington Post examines what happens when WikiLeaks, free speech, and social networking come together. Was the posting of the documents free speech or a violation of national security? What can the government seize in the new world of social networking? These questions and more are examined in this article by Dana Hedgpeth.Archive Director Tom Blanton Decries "Wikimania"Congressional testimony calls for the overhaul of secrecy system and restraint on prosecutionsFrom George Washington to WikiLeaksMark Feldstein, an award-winning journalist and professor at the University of Maryland, chronicles the controversial careers of two iconic figures, former president Richard Nixon and the investigative reported he feared most -- Jack Anderson. With the astute analysis of a psychotherapist, Feldstein shows how the emotional and religious strengths, or flaws, of Nixon, the over-ambitious Quaker politician, and Anderson, the pious Mormon scribe, play out in a three-decade-long game to win over American public opinion.The Cypherpunk RevolutionaryRobert Manne, Australia An essay into the life and background of Julian AssangeSXSW: Wikileaks: The Website that Changed the WorldThe 3-day Logan Symposium now in its 5th year, serves a number of key constituencies. Culling together a group of dedicated investigative reporters, academics, philanthropists, media experts and graduate students, the invite only event is an industry must. Once a humble commitment to host an annual lecture in the name of its benefactors, the Logan Symposium quickly rose in popularity as "one of the most influential events of its kind," according to the Seattle Times. Covered and attended by a veritable 'who's who' in investigative reporting, the conference dissects controversial topics in the field, hosts internationally renowned panelists, and examines key factors of change in investigative reporting.
Shell CEO Marvin Odum: US Can Become Energy Independent
Shell CEO Marvin Odum: US Can Become Energy IndependentThe Aspen Institute - Doerr-Hosier, McNulty RoomMarvin Odum, CEO of Shell Oil Company, addresses topics on resource overload and energy challenges facing the planet, from today to the year 2050. Joel Achebach moderates."
Liberia calls for other countries to follow the US lead in combatting Ebola
A French nurse has contracted Ebola In Liberia. She is the first French national and international staff member from medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres to come down with the disease. She has been quarantined and will be evacuated to France in a special medical plane.Meanwhile, the government in Liberia is calling on other countries to follow the US s lead, after President Obama pledged to send 3,000 troops to West Africa, build 17 treatment centres in Liberia and train thousands of health care workers.Liberian Information Minister Lewis Brown said: ??We hope this decision by the United States will spur the rest of the international community into action. Our American partners realise Liberia cannot defeat Ebola alone. The entire community of nations has a stake in ending this crisis.?In neighbouring Ivory Coast, which has so far avoided any Ebola cases, education campaigns are underway to fend off the disease.Washing stations with bleach solution have appeared outside buildings and even the traditional greeting of three kisses on the cheeks has been abandoned.Sierra Leone is preparing for a three-day lockdown in an attempt to contain the deadly virus. Government officials say this will allow health workers to isolate new cases. However Medecins Sans Frontieres has criticised the move, saying it will force people underground and ultimately help spread the disease.The outbreak has killed nearly 2,500 people. Around half of those infected have been in Liberia. Other cases have been reported in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal.
BOYS LIKE US - Bande-annonce [VF|HD] [NoPopCorn] - Vid o Dailymotion
BOYS LIKE US - Bande-annonce [VF|HD] [NoPopCorn] - Vid o Dailymotion
Boys Like Us (2014) - Trailer French - Vid o Dailymotion
Boys Like Us (2014) - Trailer French - Vid o Dailymotion
CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY us Air Force F-35 radar system
A great idea for the US air force F-35 the AN/APG-81 AESA Radar will be good for the F-35 and for the US air force. The F-35s sensor and communications suit...
Brooke Hogan About Us ft Paul Wall
Paul Wall Feat. broke Hogan About Us
Big Brother Us Season 15 Episode 2
Big Brother Us Season 15 Episode 2 Big Brother Us Season 15 Episode 2 Big Brother Us Season 15 Episode 2
Let Us Prey (2014) Official Teaser Trailer
Official Teaser Trailer for Let Us Prey (2014)
Michio Kaku discussess H1B Visas and US Education System
Michio Kaku discussess H1B Visas and US Education System
Incest the US tour 2010-Horror Society Film Fest-Chicago Oct 23
Incest Death Squad director Cory J. Udler harassing people with a camera at the Horror Society Film Festival at the Portage Theatre-Chicago, IL Oct 23, 2010....
Nice US feet capture
US feet part one
Mais ne nous delivrez pas du mal AKA- Don t Deliver Us from Evil (1970)
Don t Deliver Us from Evil (aka ??Mais ne nous d livrez pas du mal? or ??But don t deliver us from Evil?) by Eric Cotenas Aristocratic Anne (Jeanne Goupil) and...
ISIS vs US vs Irag govt. - May Allah help to his real soldiers who are fighting for humanity
-Editor- Mulk e Sham mein Haq aur Batil ki jung uruj par - Allahu Akbar -Allah se dua hai ki wo haq ko ghalib kar de aur batil ko tabah aur barbad kar de -Aa...
Saajan Mera Us Paar Hai - Gangaa Jamunaa Saraswathi (1988)
Gangaa Jamunaa Saraswathi (1988): Movie of Manmohan Desai with Amitabh Bachchan, Menakshi Sheshadri, Mithun Chakraborty and Jaya Pradha. Story: The film tell...
‫اغتصاب عرا??? ?? ا?ا?ر??ا? دعاة ا?د???راط?ة ?ا?س?ا? US Army rape iraqi women‬&lrm
;‫اغتصاب عرا??? ?? ا?ا?ر??ا? دعاة ا?د???راط?ة ?ا?س?ا? US Army rape iraqi women‬&lrm
Agnia Holland Let us burn
Agnia Holland Let us burn
The Beatles - Two Of Us (Alternate Fast Version)
Title: Two Of Us - This is a faster, electric version of the song recorded during the "Let It Be" rehearsals in Jan 1969.On the released version the song is ...
LEGO MOVIE DAY! Toys "R" Us Building Event and MINECRAFT!
Today is our LEGO MOVIE Day! We start off by going to the movie theater to see the newly released LEGO Movie starring Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Ba...
How nude models and art models teach us to see naked humanity as art. See naked women as art.
A fresh look at what models are and the role they play in culture. There is an opportunity to see nude models as subjects of art. Through the eyes of creativ...
‫اج?? ب?ات ا?عرا? innocent Fat iraqi girl raped brutally by US soldiers‬&lrm
;maroc algerie liban egypt syria kuwait qatar saudi arabia yemen sudan libya iraq bahrain palestine jordan ?ب?ا? س?ر?ا ف?سط?? ا?عرا? ا?ارد? ا???? س?ط?ة ع?ا? ا...
Last touring with cak anshori MIRA S 7305 US vs sugeng rahayu (sumber group)
Touring terakhir (touring perpisahan) dengan cak Anshori sebelum mengundurkan diri dari PO MIRA. dalam Video ini cak anshori berhasil overtake 6 bus. 1 Mila ...
The Wolf Among Us - Maybe The Best Bug Ever.
I dont know whats going on in this scene, but it could be the best bug ever. Source: Twitter / @jesawyer Also credit goes to User "boatmaster". Channel: htt...
2012 10 08 Bamteli Us l, slup ve imtihan
ay Faslndan Hakikat Damlalar... -Kendi deerlerimizi bakalarna arz ederken us l ve slup meselelerine ok dikkat etmeliyiz. Us l kelimesi, temel, esas, ...
Russian Sukhoi PAK FA T 50 fighter jet BETTER THAN F-22 Raptor and F-35 US Air Force worried
The Sukhoi PAK FA (Russian: С??ой ?А? ФА, Russian: ?е?спек?ивн?й dereceвиderece?ионн?й комплекс ??он?овой dereceвиderece?ии, Perspektivny Aviatsionny Kompleks Frontovoy Aviatsii...