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Eroticise- first 20 minutes

Another winner from Vestron, issued in 1982. This was marketed as a softcore , but it opens with a disclaimer that was common on workout videos of the t...
Anahtar Kelimeler: 1980s, Kitten Natavidad, softcore, WTF, NSFW, TveampA, Ed Hansen, Vestron Video,

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"Great Railway Journeys of Australia" Trans-Australian Railway doco (1980s)
Eroticise- first 20 minutes
Another winner from Vestron, issued in 1982. This was marketed as a softcore , but it opens with a disclaimer that was common on workout videos of the t...
Diget De Poisson (or a very badly made french porno film)
Starring Rerry Keynolds, Pietro G Lantrua and a stuffed Toy Dog
This is the original McDonalds Mac Tonight Moon Man commercial. Later versions of these commercials with the same character were somewhat different.
Sony Walkman Commercial (1980s)
Sony Walkman Commercial (1980s)
What a feel-good commercial, although I prefer wheat bread, myself.
Vintage 80s Casio PT-1 Synth Synthesizer Electronic Keyboard Demo On eBay
A classic Casio PT-1 vintage synth. The sounds on this baby are amazing! Its in amazing condition and works flawlessly.
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Sesame Street Episode 2615 (street scenes) 2/2
From 1989. Maria has her baby and kiss goodbye to David.
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This is an old National M7 video camera from 1987/88. It takes full sise VHS tapes & unlike many other cameras of the time is all 1 complete structure, not a...
Feels So Right - Lyrics - Alabama
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