Big Farm
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AMD Bulldozer (FX 8150) Performance Preview
I hope you guys find this helpful. The full review will be coming soon with full comparisons with the 1100T, 2500K and 2600K stock and overclocked with a muc...
Drunk Russian On BullDozer Demolishes 7 Cars
This Drunk Russian goes ham in the parking lot destroying everything in his path, till he gets his drunk ass beat up. - Enjoy!
Cat D9G Working
Shiney Niney
BIG D9G Bulldozer Working
Its a mean looking dozer.
Bulldozer Build: ASUS M5A97 AM3+ AMD 970 Motherboard Overview
Pretty nice features for a basic motherboard on a AM3+ system. Bought this motherboard for $99.99 at Newegg. This motherboard will meet my needs very nicely.
Caterpillar D9G Bulldozer
1965 model for sale
â?© Nikola Pekovic â?  The Montenegrin Bulldozer â?©
Nikola Pekovic The Montenegrin Bulldozer!!! Minnesota Timberwolves -Montenegro Nikola PekoviÄ?
Caterpillar D11R pushing another massive rock
Check out our Caterpillar D11R push a 20 foot rock!
Twofer Cletrac Deal
Loading a 1935 Cletrac EN, and a mid 40s HG. December, 2009.
Armored Bulldozer Rampage
Armored Bulldozer Rampage
Mad guy bulldozers town
Mad guy has a monster grudge against the city council so what does he do? Like any other mad guy, you bulldoze the town...
Dave Dozer
This is how I spent my weekend
Caterpillar D9R in work en CAT D9R Bandschaktare i arbete :) sitter en 18 liters V8a p ¥ 450HK i dessa CAT 3408E
Steep slippery slope for a dozer and excavator
A fat track D6 and a kobelco 170 tracking up the hill after a night of heavy rain
AMD 8120 PC Unboxing
I unbox the new AMD 8 Core PC, which uses bulldozer micro architecture technology. I later put this PC into my new CPU that I just built. I eventually overcl...
Terex 82-80
Just a few shots that I took running the ol Terex 8280 clearing a field. No real heavy work today, just clearing up some trees. 2 Detroit 6-71 engines, make...
Cat D10R Pushing Loam
A Caterpillar D10R moving top soil on a road project.
Its time to awaken this monster.
Caterpillar D7R Trying to Trim a Slope
Well I found another one in the vault.... the D7R from previous videos this time the camera is on the ground. Notice the shotty operating and generally unimp...
D9G Destroys Environment
Using this dozer to clean the thick vegetation beside a river.
This beauty has excellent undercarriage. Also the rpms are lowered in order to prevent the tractor from spinning the tracks.
Biggest wheel loader in the world. Le Tourneau L-2350
Massive LeTourneau loading shovel getting moved out of the Las Vegas convention center after Minexpo 2012. This is the rare super high lift 70 yard bucket mo...
D9G Tank Building Action ll [HD 720p]
There are some very large rocks in this material.